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10th of October 2023 17:00, Sky High (Geocentrum I)

Using drones in geographical research -

From a human and physical geography perspective

Drones revolutionize geographic research by capturing high-resolution aerial data, facilitating terrain mapping, monitoring environmental changes, and providing insights into urban planning and human migration. Their versatility and cost-effectiveness make them an invaluable tool for geographers, enriching our understanding of the world.

Join SSGS on Tuesday the 10th of October for two interesting talks about the use of drones in geographical research! We have invited two guests: Veiko Lehsten from INES and Ibrahim Wahab from human geography. There will also be plenty of time for questions.

This event is open to all who are interested and membership in SSGS is not required. The event is free to attend and we will provide some sandwiches and alcohol-free drinks. 

Preliminary agenda:
17:00-17:15 Start of the evening, short introduction to SSGS
17:15-18:00 Talk by Veiko Lehsten
18:00-18:30 Break and mingle
18:30-19:15 Talk by Ibrahim Wahab
19:15-19:30 Concluding remarks

21st of April 2023

Live music by the Dirtosphere and quiz night


21st of April 2023, 18:00