South Swedish Geographical Society

“... to deepen and spread knowledge of

geographical science and research..."


Students can apply for funding from SSGS for e.g. projects, courses or field work related to physical or human geography. 


The society organizes geography-related events like quiz nights, excursions and seminars. Information about the upcoming events can be found both on this website and on Facebook

Become a member

Members can participate in all the activities organized by SSGS, get free drinks and snacks at some events and apply for scholarships. Becoming a member is really easy and costs only SEK 90 per year!

About SSGS

Sydsvenska Geografiska Sällskapet (SSGS) is as a non-profit organization with an interest in the field of geography. Our primary mission revolves around the dissemination of geographical science and research to a broader audience.

In line with this objective, SSGS actively pursues and advocates for the subject of geography. This encompasses a commitment to both theoretical understanding and practical applications, including geographical research and education. Moreover, our engagement extends to providing substantive support for research initiatives within the geographical departments of Lund University.

Get in touch

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to send a message via Facebook or send an email to ssgs@ssgs.se.